Founded in 1979, CCL, Incorporated is in the business of providing comprehensive information technology solutions to large users.

CCL's roots are embedded in the financial and services industries, where it integrated and leased turnkey mainframe systems. In recent years, however, it has concentrated on being a prime contractor in the Federal Government marketplace, establishing an enviable record of winning numerous large competitive procurements for mainframe systems and services. CCL's experience has extended worldwide to include projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

CCL has a long history of providing IBM compatible mainframe systems, peripherals, communications controllers and software. Over the past few years, as traditional legacy systems have been largely replaced with networked technologies and outsourcing services, CCL has redirected its business to embrace these new standards. Our client driven solutions now include total systems life support such as planning, site preparation, software configurations, systems migration, asset management, training and business continuation services for both mainframe and networked desktop environments.

As a true systems integrator, CCL is able to offer products from a variety of hardware manufacturers and software providers as well as a full range of financing solutions. In addition, for US Government users, CCL holds an authorized General Services Administration Schedule for computer hardware and software leasing, maintenance and technical services.